12 Tribes of Israel Congregation
12 Tribes of Israel Congregation AM I NOT A MAN AND A BROTHER?


The Journey

  • Our Humble Beginnings

    11/10/2003: The Humble Beginnings

    Despite losing friends, families, and all the previous work (websites, locations, etc..) to heresy; we did not faint. Through mercy we recognized the importance of addressing the false teachings online and to warn our people. See, 2 Corinthians 4:1-2

  • Network is Born

    2008: A Network is Born

    We were not web developers, it was out of necessity that we began to do it. When we began, Adobe Flash was the popular technology for websites. Rapidly that changed, as mobile devices began to have access to the internet. Our massive site became outdated and we realized the security implications of using Flash. Therefore we decided to take on a huge project of building an infrastructure and updating the site by getting rid of all the Flash pages.

  • Expansion

    2012: Expansion

    Our desire to keep our visitors informed made us focus on many new projects. By this point we were sending newsletters via postal mail, uploading audio classes, podcasts, and created online resources. We launched the Silver Trumpets page, that became its own website (12tribes.net). Then we wanted to reach out to our Spanish speaking brothers and sisters. But we wanted a web address that could reach our people across many different languages and represents the name of the congregation (12T.CO).

  • Present Day

    11/20/2023: 20 Years Later!

    We are grateful to the Heavenly Father for allowing us to be part of this truth! We hope to continue in the Spirit, daily improving in every aspect, and to be found worthy of our vocation. Our desire is to help ourselves and others make it to the kingdom of God by fulfilling prophecy. Click below to begin your journey with us.

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