The Flyers are printer friendly documents of breakdowns (explanations) of various important or frequently asked topics.  Our hope is that it will assist the readers in learning quickly and provide those that believe the opportunity to share the truth.  As we are taught in the Prologue of Ecclesiasticus:  “whereof not only the readers must needs become skilful themselves, but also they that desire to learn be able to profit them which are without, both by speaking and writing.”

In regards to speaking, we encourage you to first be taught before you do so; Apocrypha Ecclesiasticus 18:19 Learn before thou speak, and use physick [physician] or ever thou be sick.”  It is not wise to think that without being taught you will be fully furnished (equipped) to speak gracefully in the Holy Spirit.  Apocrypha Ecclesiasticus 21:12 “He that is not wise will not be taught: but there is a wisdom which multiplieth bitterness.”  The following few scriptures explain the maturing process of a person that the Heavenly Father would choose for speaking, why they should be taught, and finally if this standard is followed how beautiful it will be.  See, Apocrypha Ecclesiasticus 39:1-12, 2nd Timothy 2:15, 2nd Timothy 4:5, and Romans 10:15.

By way of writing, in other words the flyers could easily help spread the gospel (good news) by those that are come to the faith.  Without having to worry about being ashamed; Apocrypha Ecclesiasticus 42:7 “…put all in writing that thou givest out, or receivest in.” Verse 8: “Be not ashamed to inform the unwise and foolish, and the extreme aged that contendeth with those that are young: thus shalt thou be truly learned, and approved of all men living.”  Inform our people by writing without having to worry about answering their questions incorrectly.  Direct them to the contact information if the flyer doesn't address the topic that they are seeking answer for.  Remember to set a good example and apply what you learned by doing all this you will show yourself approved of all men living.  Please see, Matthew 5:13-16.